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What to Wear to Your Own Rehearsal Dinner

Following on from last week's article about what guests should wear to a rehearsal dinner I thought it would be nice to help out all those brides who aren't sure what to wear either! Being the bride at a rehearsal dinner you're pretty much guaranteed to be center of attention, and if you've arranged the rehearsal dinner you may have set the dress code because you want to wear a particular outfit. In that case, you're fine! If you're unsure then I'm here to help. Don't forget, while you want to shine, you also need to hold something back for your wedding day. That should be when you wear the dress with the real wow factor! You only wear your wedding dress once, but the rehearsal dinner is a great chance to wear a fabulous outfit that you'll be able to use again and again, so you can justify getting something really special. Personally I like the idea of a bride wearing white to her rehearsal dinner, but in a totally different style to the wedding dress itself, so that's what I've gone with here, but you should wear whatever you feel suits your personality. If bright pink suits your mood then go for that!

White Tie/Black Tie

This is the most formal option out of all the dress codes. You want to wear something knockout, but which is very different from your wedding dress. You can opt for full length gown or even go with a cocktail dress, like the one below. formal rehearsal dinner outfit If you want to buy something which will be wearable in the future, go for a cocktail dress and dress it up with some dazzling accessories. This vintage 1960s cocktail dress is just right when paired with some strappy silver heels and this amazing peacock clutch bag.

Formal/Black Tie Optional

For a formal event you have quite a lot of choice. You can wear either a suit, a cocktail dress or any other tailored smart dress. Smart rehearsal dinner outfit This 1970s sequined cocktail dress is beautiful, and when paired with some monochrome accessories like these smart heels and a super slim portfolio clutch you'll really look classy!

Semiformal/Dressy Casual

Dressy casual is always tricky, but it's always better to be overdressed than under dressed - especially if you're the bride! A good choice would be a party dress or or smart trousers and a top.
Semi formal rehearsal dinner outfit This 1970s disco-style dress is going to be oh-so-useful for parties and weddings in the future, plus you'll still steal the show at your rehearsal dinner. To make a dress seem less formal add some funky accessories, like these heeled boots and a chunky cuff-style bracelet.


Whether your rehearsal dinner is a BBQ on the beach or a get together at your in-laws house, casual doesn't generally mean cut off shorts and flip flops. Having said that, you're the bride so you should be able to wear whatever you want! Casual rehearsal dinner outfit I love this combination which is a great balance between casual and still looking great. The 1960s boho lace minidress is pretty and looks great paired with some wedge heels and a tote bag, but you can always slip your shoes off later and ditch the bag and you'll give off a great hippy vibe. We've got a great range of rehearsal dinner dresses in our store, take a look and get some more inspiration there.
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  • rehearsal dinnerrehearsal dinner dressvintage wedding inspiration

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