• Color Me Vintage: The Best Colored Vintage Wedding Dresses
  • Erica Sullivan

Color Me Vintage: The Best Colored Vintage Wedding Dresses

Is a white wedding dress just not right for you? Increasingly brides are opting for beautiful bright alternatives to the more traditional white gown, sometimes because it reflects their personality or the style of the wedding, but also because the dress can be worn again afterwards!

Happily there have always been brides who have embraced beautiful colors on their big day, in fact some of the biggest Hollywood stars have married wearing unconventional colors: Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton wearing canary yellow with flowers in her hair, and Marilyn Monroe wore a brown suit for her marriage to Joe DiMaggio, and a pale pink gown when she married Arthur Miller.

More recently Dita von Teese wore an amazing purple Vivienne Westwood gown when she married Marilyn Manson and who can forget Gwen Stefani's pink dip-dyed Galliano dress?

Happily this means that we have a stunning collection of vintage colored wedding dresses ranging from this stunning red 1940s satin wedding dress (below), through dramatic gold to the prettiest pastels. Which color best reflects your personality?

1940 Blue Lace Vintage Wedding Gown

Above: 1940s blue lace vintage wedding gown. Below: 1950s pink garden vintage wedding dress.

1950 Pink Garden Vintage Wedding Dress

1940 Rust Toned Liquid Satin Vintage Wedding Gown

Above: 1940s rust toned liquid satin vintage wedding gown. Below: 1970s gold metallic sequin vintage gown.

1970 Gold Metallic Sequin Vintage Gown

1950 Lavender Lace Vintage Wedding Dress ,  - 1950 Vintage, MONTEZEMOLO
 - 1

Above: 1950s lavender lave vintage wedding dress. Below: 1960s blue organdy vintage wedding gown.

1960 Blue Organdy Vintage Wedding Gown

1940 Peach Lace Vintage Wedding Gown

Above: 1940s peach lace wedding gown. Below: 1950s peach liquid silk vintage wedding gown.

1950 Peach Liquid Silk Vintage Wedding Gown

1960 Pink Ribbon Vintage Wedding Dress

Above: 1960s pink ribbon vintage mini wedding dress. Below: 1970s flocked chiffon vintage wedding dress.

1970 Flocked Chiffon Vintage Wedding Dress

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