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Fabulous Favors for Your Guests

DO ME A FAVOR, and check out these adorable wedding favor ideas!  Wedding favors are a great way for couples to thank their guests for sharing in their special day.  Whether you are an eco-friendly nature enthusiast, a fine wine connoisseur, a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, your guests will LOVE your party favors.  Your parting gifts will tell your guests something about you, perhaps something they didn't know.  Maybe you make killer cookies or home made jam.  You can place your delicacies in a gorgeous package and include your recipe.  

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If you're a hiker or bird watcher, we love the crafted bird seed heart.  Don't let the wedding favors break your budget either.  Many of these inspirational ideas are great for the DIY'er and not too hard on the wallet. Some of our favorite favors is the wedding CD full of music that the happy couple has chosen together.  So easy to create and so fun for your wedding guests!!  Too cute are the beautifully packaged candies that you may color coordinate with your entire wedding!  Thank you to Pinterest for these uniquely personal inspirational ideas for wedding favors.When choosing your wedding favors,  please consider size, usefulness, price, color, availability, and theme.  Wedding favors are thee best way to show your guests your creativity, uniqueness, thoughtfulness and thanks.