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Actually Achieving the Proper Fit

Suck it in

SO, IT’S THE BIG DAY. Your hair is flawless, your makeup is perfection and you are ready to slip into your dream wedding dress and walk down the aisle to greet your future. And...hold please! You can’t get into your dress!  With only minutes to go before you make your big debut, no matter how much you suck in, exhale, whether you lay down or apply cooking spray all over your body, you are not getting into this dress.  AHHHHHHH! And...awake.  Phew! It was only a dream nightmare.  But what if it weren’t.  Thankfully, we have some pretty good ideas on how you can avoid this wardrobe malfunction. Although most wedding dresses can be altered by a professional seamstress, the key to getting that flawless fit is to MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE.  Yes, even before you make that first appointment or click buy from an online wedding boutique (like ours), it is very important to know your measurements.  There is nothing more disappointing than falling in love with a dress just to find out it just won’t fit. Here is a helpful basic measurement guide to assist you in determining the dimensions of your own beautiful curves.  Oh, and just as a side note, please use a cloth measuring tape. The kind contractors use just won’t do the job in this case.   measuring guide   Measuring Your Height:  Many might not be aware of this, but your height does make or break how a dress is going to drape your figure.  We recommend that you stand straight (not too straight, just as usual) with your back, your head and your heels against the wall. Ask a friend to mark a spot at the wall using a ruler that goes on top of your head perpendicular to the wall. Then measure the vertical distance from the floor to the mark. Your Bust:  Despite what your bra says, you should probably take this measurement as well.  Why?  Not all bras are created equal.  You may be one size in on brand and a different size in another.  To properly take this measurement, wrap the cloth tape over the fullest part of the bust and across the widest part of the back. The measuring tape should go horizontally all around your body. Your Waist:  Here is a handy trick to measuring your waist.  First, you must locate your waistline.  To find the proper location, tie a narrow string around the waist and let it settle into the natural waistline as you bend to the left and to the right. Take the measurement along the string-line. Your Hips:  Take the measurement around the fullest part, which is usually 18cm (7") to 23cm (9") below the waist. Of course, there is more to measuring just your height, bust, waist and hip.  In some cases,  you might also want to know the measurements of  your torso (shoulder to waist) and your skirt length (waist to floor).  If going with a long sleeve, don’t forget your sleeve length (top of shoulder to just a smidgen beyond the wrist)  Finally, unless you are going to go with a strapless gown, measuring your shoulders are also a great idea.  This is best done measuring across the top of the back, close to the shoulders, from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other.  This is where the shoulder seam will fall. Once you have all of your measurements, add an additional inch to the bust, waist and hip.  This will give you just enough wiggle room to be comfortable. Happy dress shopping!