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French Lavender Wedding Inspiration

LA LAVANDE EST MAGNIFIQUE!!   Regardless if you are a closet Francophile (French obsessed...like we are), like the color purple, or swoon over it's aroma, Lavender is one powerful and amazing herb.  The French use lavender in soaps, honeys, cosmetics, sachets and cuisine.  Lavender's medicinal and holistic properties date back centuries.

Best thing about lavender (at least as far as we are concerned) you can splash it's color anywhere...your wedding party attire, centerpieces or cake.  How fabulous is this vintage wedding dress with it's hint of lavender in the velvet ribbon or go fabulous with this lavender vintage party dress.  Thank you, Pinterest, for these amazing ideas.




Lavender soothes your senses of smell, sight and taste.  Gorgeous provincial centerpieces, lavender scented soaps, and les potatoes aux herbes de Provence are a few ways you can share your love of Lavender! 

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