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What's Your Signature Cocktail?

"VODKA MARTINI, SHAKEN NOT STIRRED."  We all know Bond, James Bond had a signature cocktail.  Don't we all have that go-to cocktail that we love to drink?  Even Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin have their signature beers!  We adore this idea of sharing your favorite beverage with your wedding guests.  Your favorite cocktail may be the latest greatest hip new trend to hit the bar scene or a simple no nonsense old skool classic vintage highball.  Either way, the coolest part is that you and 007 now belong to a really groovy club.
If it's foofy you like then a table of pink Cosmos is gorgeous and tasty. Perhaps you live and breathe The Big Lebowski.  Insert bowling décor and White Russians here. 
Maybe your honeymoon includes palm trees, sandy beaches and temperatures above 30 degrees. A rum cocktail with fruit and coconut flavors would be perfect and make your guests sooo jealous!!! 
You may be a wine or beer aficionado.  For heavens sake, stock the bar with your favorite vinos or craft beers.  Thank you Pinterest for these crazy cool cocktail ideas. It's your special day, you get to choose everything including the tiny umbrellas in the drink.  There are an infinite number of non-alcoholic beverages to serve as well, don't forget to offer those.  Whether it's blue collar Pabst or high end tequila, raise a glass to a fabulous future together.  For these signature cocktail inspirations and more, follow us on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/millcrestvintag.