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Bending the Wedding Color Combo Rules

Bending the Wedding Color Combo Rules


Not that there is anything wrong with a traditional all white wedding but many couples are now breaking away from traditions of old and are making new ones.
Coloured weddings are now a thing of the present but there is a new trend afoot.
Coloured affairs, as opposed to all-white, have up to now, taken the format of monochromatic schemes i.e. all blue or all purple with varying tones and shades of the same. More recently, the monochromatic scheme has battled for place alongside two tone weddings e.g. gold and silver, white and gold, white and green, to name but a few. We have however, slowly started to see multicoloured bouquets and bridesmaids dresses popping up and could it be that a new approach to colour schemes could be starting to make a new trend?
Here is how it works…
By choosing a neutral base (white, coffee, mocha, cream, beige) and adding colour to it, you have a whole new range of colour possibilities. The colour chart is now your oyster. Why limit yourself to purely red or pink centrepieces and a matching bouquet? I mean, why you can’t have your bouquet one colour and your table décor another?
This isn’t to say you have to go all rainbow on me – to create a classy, stylish look, all the table arrangements should be uniform but if your colour scheme base is…say…cream, white or coffee – any number of colour combos will work beautifully and harmoniously – a match made in heaven (pun intended!). Your table runner therefore doesn’t have to be the same tone of blue as the flowers. Napkins don’t have to match your bouquet and the bridesmaids dresses could be another colour completely. So long as it all blends, you have a winning set-up.
Think about it as if you are creating a colour concept rather than a theme. We don’t tend to decorate our houses in one or two solid colours but rather mix and match colours that tone and contrast. We then bring in decorations to complement, enhance and create focus– so why not do the same with wedding venues?.
You don’t want an eclectic mishmash however – so think blend blend blend! Cleverly choose colours that can be paired together and the result is astonishing.

  1. Choose your base colour – must be a neutral e.g. coffee,
  2. Select colours that a) work well with coffee and b) you like e.g. pink, blush, red, terracotta, orange, cream, beige, chocolate, champagne, if you like warm tones. If you prefer blue tones, choose from: blue, purple, pink, silver, violet, green. All of these blend, complement and contrast with coffee but not clash with each other.
  3. Don’t go too multicolour (unless that’s your plan of course) but choose your top three or four fave colours from your selection that you would like to work around. So going back to our example… if your base colour is coffee, your top colour picks could be: blush, champagne and terracotta. See how this is beginning to take shape.
  4. Add in as many neutrals you need to complement or make your colour concept take form. Adding in white or cream here or there as a background colour can help the others stand out and create focus, interest and gives your colour vision a new dimension. In this case, a cream or white tablecloth and a coffee table runner is extremely elegant. Add to this a table arrangement of red flowers (for example) and the eye will be drawn slowly upwards. White flowers, a coffee runner and a white tablecloth is definitely classy but the colour dimension will give it a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.
  5. As for the flowers; these don’t have to be a one-colour only affair either but colourful combos of blush, white/cream, terracotta and greenery
  6. Pick out décor that works within this colour concept e.g. champagne, gold or silver coloured candle holders; cream, coffee or blush coloured candles. This delicate blend will create a nice flow along the tabletops giving your guests more to take in and admire.
Working outside of the monochromatic or two tone colour scheme also succeeds in easing some of the decision making dilemmas, such as which flowers you need to choose for your tablescape that will best match your bridesmaid dresses.
You will also find that you will be able to give your tables a much fuller look with a lot less decoration. Consider it a colourful budget friendly illusion but hey, it works.

Bridal Make-Up DIY Style

Bridal Make-Up DIY Style
So are you doing your make-up?. Whether you are on a budget and are trying to keep costs down;, you don’t tend to wear a lot of make-up anyway and getting a pro in terrifies you or you are just one of those gals who just like to do it themselves, we have some great tips for bridal make-up glory - vintage or not!
Moisturizer – an artist should never put the onus his tools but it has to be said that part of the art to a great painting is the quality of the canvas. Don’t worry if you have some skin blemishes, this is not what we are talking about. Moisturizing your face is all part and parcel of great make-up. Soaps and facial washes can all too often leave your face dry and stripped clean (too clean) of natural oils and minerals. Moisturizing can replenish this loss for you without making your face feel greasy.
Facial Serum – packed with a myriad of nutrients, this is a winner. It gives back to the skin, the healthy shine that so many of us lack. Making the skin both supple and soft, there are plenty of serums to choose from that will suit both you and your wallet.
Primer – a facial primer covers your pores without clogging them and makes for the smooth application of foundation for a flawless photo look. It is essential for any type of make-up; heavy or natural. The same goes for an eye primer. All primers are key to prevent the build of excess oils through the make-up that will make you glisten, help you avoid that dark greasy build up of eye shadow in the crease of your eye lid and help to keep your make-up in place for as long as you need it. It has to be an all time staple of your make-up bag!
Make-Up Fixer - There are two kinds – translucent or white powder. With enough blending the white powder doesn’t stay looking white on the skin, although if you happened to be a bit heavy handed with blusher, it can help to dim this down. Powder is a great way to fix your make up in place and help soak up any natural oil making a bid for freedom to give you an overall finished effect that will last for hours.. All you need is a light dusting and while it isn’t a necessity but can definitely come in useful. If you feel the white powder doesn’t really work for you, you could stick to its translucent counterpart or equally try a make-up fixer spray. The spray does not discolor your make-up and should not feel sticky. It just simply holds blusher and other make-up in place all day and all night. A little can last a long time and is perfect for hot weather climates. You can even use both a sealant powder and fixer spray without it feeling at all heavy on the face. A powder is great finishing touch for an overall blend and the fixer spray will keep everything looking fresh. Perfect!
Foundation - It goes without saying really! Foundation should be tone on tone with the color of your skin. Too light and you will seem pale. A shade too dark, and your make-up won’t look natural and at worst, the foundation will look too orange – no thank you! Don’t forget to blend your foundation down your neck, on to your ears and into your hairline – trust us!
Nude eye pencil – highlight around the eyes with this beauty to make your eyes seem wider and brighter. Can also use the under brow area to make eye shadow stand out and your eyes pop, but don’t forget to blend – nobody wants to see pencil lines!
Bronzer – summer is the perfect time to give yourself a golden hue to those cheeks. Go for gold or bronze rather than dark browns and don’t go too over the top, especially if you are contouring your foundation!
Brow brush or pencil – Don’t forgo the brows – even if you want something natural! Doing your brows complements the effort you have put into your eyes,. Give them a little shape, dimension and volume with pencil or an eyebrow mascara. It just looks a bit tidier and a little more polished without being too dramatic. For natural looking make-up, choose a colour that mimics your hair. Our ultimate go-to is the eyebrow mascara by Mac or the delightful eyebrow sculpt pencil by Kiko Milano. For an evening look, use a little of both – don’t be shy!
Lip liner – choose either a shade that matches your color choice or go for one shade darker to contour the edges of your lips. We advise not to go too dark. Either: use your lip liner to define lip edges and prevent lipstick from spreading over your lip line or color in your lips to add a little more definition to the lipstick color and to make it last longer. For smoother application – put a little foundation on your lips beforehand. Dap a touch of eyeshadow on the centre of your lips to contour and add a hint of shimmer without having to use gloss.

Waterproof Mascara – we don’t think we need explain this one!
Contouring kit/cream – if contouring scares you a little or worried you might get it all wrong – check out a few easy-to-follow YouTube vids. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Complete your all over foundation regime and then add a darker colour just below your cheek bones and blend. The best to use is a cream foundation to contour, rather than a liquid. Use a sponge to blend it in and dab – don’t smear. If you feel you have gone too dark, continue to blend using a bit more of the overall foundation and keep dabbing until you are happy. Brush all over with a colored double face powder for a smooth matte finish, especially if you have oily skin (try Clinique) or go directly to your bronzer and translucent face powder finish. There is no right or wrong way but play around and find out what works for you. Highlight under the eyes with an under eye concealer and blend until you obtain a smooth transition from your cheek to your eye area.

Pretty in Peach

Pretty In Peach
Not everyone wants the so-called traditional white and it turns out that white was not the only choice way back when either. Oh and despite the title being peach, we couldn’t resist but sneak in a few pinks…the moral of this story being that that yes, you can ditch the white wedding and still style it vintage!


Peach toned, satin, sexy, slinky….you will look drop dead gorgeous in this. The wide tapered shoulders, V-neck and gathered gore style skirt will really show off your figure. A great one for slim builds, the scooped back and asymmetrical skirt add a bit of 1930’s pizzazz.


If you just LURVE lace, then this one is for you. The high back and V-neck front make for a modest appearance but the shelf-style bust line, really gives this dress its style. A little more figure hugging than others and a sheer peach overlay, it pairs beautifully with a cream or off white slip.


Made of a flowy outer layer of embroidered cotton over a slender a silk slip dress, thin straps and a scooped neckline this dress is the perfect choice for an outdoor summer wedding. Cool and casual, this French beauty is dainty and ultra feminine waiting for that beautiful boho vintage bride.


This salmon coloured silk dress is to-die-for. Totally figure hugging, there is nowhere to hide but will definitely leave you feeling on top of the world. A 1930’s design, it is the ultimate in post WW1 decadence. The cooped neckline, capped sleeves, semi scooped back and trumpet style skirt is delightfully feminine without being over the top frivolous. 


This soft peach 1940’s dress is a winner with its lace bodice and synthetic chiffon skirt. The pretty shawl style wrap of sheer synthetic chiffon offers a high jewel neckline and is ultra elegant and very feminine, while cleverly balancing out the dropped waist to highlight the well fitted body of the dress and ultimately lengthening the torso. Overall; a very classic look for this period.


Peach toned cotton silk embroidery on sheer net, this dress is both unusual and elegant. The puffed sleeves, high point collar, buttoned embroidered sheer cotton and high belted waist certainly make for a statement piece. Wear over a matching slip as a dress in it’s own right or as a duster to complement a simple yet elegant wedding dress with either thin spaghetti straps or even no straps at all.


Looking for something figure hugging to accentuate those curves, then this is your dress. The tight fitted bodice, sweetheart neckline and Basque style waist line is the ultimate in vintage body contouring. The pink silk chiffon over pink crepe lining gives this dress its flare, the periwinkle blue dotted satin bows; the flourishing detail. It is very girly and very dainty. The ruched-capped sleeves in sheer pink silk chiffon flatter the neckline without being too revealing and the high back of the dress is in keeping with 1940s modesty. It is both subtle and striking.


This silk, shinny number definitely has a certain wow factor. The full skirt and semi gathered shawl styled design on the chest emphasis the V-shaped Basque waistline. Both the V detail on neck and waistline form the main design of the dress and give it a very flattering finish. The two stitched horizontal pleats that adorn the skirt add just enough detail to complement the shoulders and ensure that the remainder of the skirt stands out against the simplicity of bodice. This works to both lengthen the upper part of dress and the pleats continue around the dress to form an elegant fishtail back.


Delicate blush toned lace over cream acetate lining – we have no other way of putting it then just ‘adorable’. This wedding dress has a fun, girly feel to it reminiscent of the typical youthful 1950’s dance scene when rock ‘n’ roll and swing were at their height. It is the kind of dress that just makes you smile. The high neck is great for women who don’t wish to show too much chest while the sleeveless body, satin piped jeweled neckline and simple satin bow at the waist lends the dress a wonderfully dainty finishing touch.


Simple but elegant – this is the perfect dress for a lady who would like a little touch of something different. A more formal outfit than some, this vintage wedding dress is conservative but with a playful lace skirt overlay. A blushing beauty, the high neck elongates the body and showcases the waistline sash and brooch, that in turn serve to accentuate the detail of the skirt and overlay. Combine with lace gloves and a birdcage hairpiece for a true vintage ensemble.


Peach lace over an acetate lining with floral lace appliqué trim, the boned bodice into an A line, tea length skirt helps to define the hips, balance out the line of the shoulders and focus on the slimming bodice. The lack of a defined focal point at the waistline, the dress is very aesthetically pleasing and showcases a nice flow of design from top to bottom. Placing emphasis on the shoulders, neckline and waistline, it is a wonderful dress in which to accentuate your figure in all the right places. The wide bateau neckline equally helps to accentuate the body and the semi-attached shawl style collar can worn on or off the shoulder according to the desired effect. The dress combines beautifully with an ornate floral vintage style necklace or set of pearls. Lace gloves would also work but suggest keeping hair adornments simple.


This tight fitting number is utterly wonderful. While it is definitely made for a slim, slender build, it also succeeds in celebrating a curvy hip line in honor of the hour-glass figure. If you’ve got it….this is the dress in which to flaunt it!
The stunning simplicity of the design of this vintage dress, quite honestly has left us lost for words. It is really just goes to show that uncomplicated designs can be just as much as a ‘wow’ as ornate ensembles. The peach toned rayon blend over a light apricot acetate lining is very soft on the eye; the sweetheart neckline, spaghetti straps and satin trim as striking as they are understated. It is the perfect wedding dress option for a bride that doesn’t want all the usual frills and trimmings of other vintage pieces.
The bolero style jacket adds a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ but the dress works just as wonderfully as a solo piece when it is time to hit that dance floor. The tulip cut skirt helps to complete the flow of the design giving it just enough lure and movement to pull the eye downward in appreciation of the whole flow of the dress. The bonus is you can bling it up, bling it down and the classic cut allows for ample to opportunity to wear it again. Oh so elegant – what a classic buy ladies!


Now this dress just shouts ‘fun’ from top to bottom. There is quite a lot going on here with the sleeveless bodice, shelf style bust, scooped neckline, extremely low straight back and thin spaghetti straps. The bodice is also boned, which visible through the Charmeuse, adds additional interest. The dress is definitely intended to flatter the neck, waist, bust and hips so if you are worried about accentuating your curves, you might not want to go for this naughty number. The combination of the accordion pleating and interesting chevron cut pleating is both flirty and frivolous.


Hello rock and roll bride! Circular patterned crocheted cotton with poly chiffon over acetate lining, this vintage wedding dress bargain is a great choice for those who feel pretty in pink. Some older brides may feel it is a bit too short but it is ideal for those who want to step away from anything too serious and it will work well for either an indoor or outdoor civil ceremony. While the ballerina style A-line chiffon skirt and V-neck give the dress it’s charming playful edge, the lace sleeves add some good ‘ole classic elegance. I mean, where can anyone go wrong with lace?


Very modest but complete with dainty lacy decorative details, this is a great fit for a lady who doesn’t want to bare all when it comes to the chest area but doesn’t mind showing a little leg. Some may find the Victorian style high scalloped lace banded neckline a little too much material at first but will be surprised to find that it is actually extremely faltering. No you don’t have to be tall or long in the body to wear it. The design elongates the neck and body encouraging the eye to focus downwards on the lace bands, natural waistline and floaty silk chiffon skirt with its silk crepe lining. The loose sleeves also add ‘length’ to the over look of the dress. Overall, the dress is exceptionally pretty and definitely one of a kind.


A 1970’s gem of a buy, this sheer shimmering white net and ecru poly blend floral lace dress is an utter delight. It is not lined so we have paired it with a soft pink slip but you could also opt for white or peach or even a beige come champagne color. The dropped waist elongates the body and gives the dress a 1920’s ‘Great Gatsby’ style flare. Despite the straight neckline, the vertical floral lace appliqués really help to define the body and waist making it very flattering for the figure. Soft, delicate and very ladylike, this lace sheath dress will be a definite talking point.


Don’t want the traditional white but a bright solid color doesn’t grab you either? We could have found the solution to your wedding dress dilemma. This light soft pink hue under white poly floral lace could have your name on it, and if vintage lace, frills and Basque style waistlines are your kind of thing, this is a winner.
This wedding dress is a true vintage meets modern marriage. The strapless bodice, sweetheart neckline and gathered bust; a sign of times to come - the ruffled lace trim and Victorian inspired full length skirt; a curtsey to times gone past. It is the V-cut lace skirt however, that provides the wow factor. It certainly comes will all the bells and whistles or should be says, frills and ruffles. You will leave your guests speechless, to say nothing of your groom!

OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Our New Vintage Wedding Boutique

Well, we did it!  We have officially launched our brand new vintage wedding boutique!

As a four time Brides Choice Award winner and two time recipient of The People’s Choice Award for Vintage, we will now completely concentrate on unique specialty vintage bridal gowns in our Lambertville, NJ bridal boutique and online store.  From the From the Edwardian period through the 80’s, we have it all. Looking for vintage bridal accessories? We have them too! bridal consultations will now be available by appointment. 

Hand selecting vintage and antique items is a heartfelt mission for us. 

Much love,
Paula & Erica

Wedding Style: Classic Hollywood Glamour

There's nothing like the golden era of Classic Hollywood to evoke romance and timeless style, making it a perfect choice for your wedding day. The 1930s and 40s were a time where each actresses' image was tightly controlled by their studio, and because of this they were famed for having the most glamorous on-screen style.

There are 2 main styles from this era: the sleek satin dresses of the 1930s or the full glamorous gowns of the 1940s. Here's a quick guide to creating both styles.

1930s: Sleek Satin

Movies were getting more and more scandalous during the 1920s and as a result the Hays Code was introduced in the 1930s to crack down on risque outfits (amongst many other things). Silver screen stars were now told to cover-up their legs and heaving bosoms, heralding a decade of long elegant gowns which were fitted beautifully to the female form. Bias-cut satin was the material of choice, clinging to every curve on stars like Jean Harlow, Mae West and Garbo. Complete the look with some matching satin heels and pin-curled hair (in platinum blonde if you're feeling brave!). If you want to add a veil, then make it a long one if you're looking for authenticity.

Below: Vintage 1930s silk satin cascade gown in champagne, Salmon slipper satin vintage 30s wedding gown, Rust toned liquid satin vintage wedding dress.

1930 Silk Satin Cascade Vintage Wedding Gown

1930 Salmon Slipper Satin Vintage Wedding Gown

1940 Rust Toned Liquid Satin Vintage Wedding Gown

1940s: Full and Fabulous

By the 1940s Hollywood glamor was in full swing. Skirts and shoulders were getting wider and gowns were becoming more embellished adding sequins, embroidery and ruching. Style icons of this decade range from Ginger Rogers, to Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford. Pair your vintage 40s dress with diamonds and glamorous set hair and top with a small veiled hat. Don't forget to add some red lipstick and even some gloves to complete the look!

Below: Vintage 1940s sequin wedding gown, 40s liquid silk leaf wedding gown, embroidered tea length vintage wedding dress.

1940 Dotted Sequin Vintage Wedding Gown

1940 Liquid Silk Leaf Vintage Wedding Gown

1940 Embroidered Tea Length Vintage Wedding Dress